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laserOver 30% hair reduction after 1 session*
•    Fastest and safest treatment available today
•   Medical grade FDA approved treatment
•   Effective on ANY hair color and ALL skin types
•   Cryogenic cooling system to significantly reduce pain

* results according to clinical studies
** results do differ for each individual. See FAQ below.

Our laser hair removal technicians are certified operators with experience in obtaining the maximum result for each client. At Nude we will professionally assess your particular skin and hair type first, then suggest the optimal treatment technology and sessions needed to obtain a certain result. Furthermore, we utilize a separate cryogenic cooling machine that significantly reduces the pain and irritation typical to all laser treatments.

Nude is focused on only the best laser hair removal machinery and best technicians in Hong Kong!

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Most advanced technology available  

Syneron laser hair removal

Nude employs the Syneron e-Max ELOSTM system, which uses a unique combined laser and radio frequency technology to effectively and safely permanently remove hair.

Lumenis laser hair removal

We also utilize the Lumenis LightsheerTM system on certain skin and hair types, as through our years of experience we have found that different technologies are more suitable for different types.

Basic FAQ

How does laser hair removal work?

Lasers designed for permanent hair removal emit wavelengths of lights that are absorbed by the pigment in the hair (melanin). The energy of the laser is thus concentrated in the hair shaft, destroying it permanently. Nude uses the Syneron ElosTM system that also employs radio frequency in addition to laser. Radio frequency provides a dual source of energy to destroy hair and improves the selectivity of energy target.

How effective is laser hair removal?

Effectiveness does vary between clients, mostly depending on skin types. The most ideal clients for permanent hair removal are those with light skin and dark coarse hair (similar to Asian skin types), as the laser will be able to best selectively target the pigment in the hair versus pigment in the skin. We have experienced removal of approximately 80-100% of the target hair in such skin types. The treatment is more challenging for those with dark skin/dark hair or light skin/light hair, as the laser is not as effectively able to selectively target hair pigment – and the power of the laser must be cautiously adjusted downwards to avoid any chance of skin damage. We have experienced removal of approximately 40-60% of the target hair in such skin types. For those with “ideal” skin types, maximum effectiveness can typically be achieved in 4-5 sessions, for those with “less ideal” skin types up to 10 sessions are required.

Why does Nude carry two different laser hair removal technologies, Syneron and Lumenis?

Nude has been offering Syneron laser hair removal services for many years, with a very high customer satisfaction rate. However we have discovered that there are certain skin types that react better to treatments with the Lumenis LightsheerTM system. Nude offers both systems to ensure that our clients have access to the two leading technologies in the market. Our therapists have extensive experience in treating a wide variety of skin types and will recommend which technology they think is best suited for you. Furthermore if we are not satisfied with results with one technology, we have the flexibility to switch to the other. At Nude our clients have access to the two global leading technologies in laser hair removal.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser technology for hair removal has been used in practice for over 15 years. There are typically side effects such as itching, redness (up to 3 days), swelling (up to 3 days) and feeling of numbness – however these are temporary and not hazardous to your health. There are rare side effects such as crusting, bruising, purpura or skin pigment change. Such side effects are typically due to inappropriate laser type (cheap machines) or improper use of laser settings (too strong for the skin type). It is critical to only seek laser hair removal treatment from operators with high-quality FDA approved machinery and experienced technicians. Nude offers only the best in technology and certified operators.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Yes it is painful, similar to the sensation of a rubber band constantly snapping against your skin. Pain will vary depending on the body area being treated, the skin type, machine being used and pain threshold of client. However, at Nude we are able to minimize the pain by using a cryogenic cooling machine to first cool and numb the skin before applying the laser. Such additional cooling machinery is not provided at most salons to ease the pain.

What do I need to do before and after a laser hair treatment?

You should not wax, epilate or remove hair from the root with any other method for at least 6 weeks prior to your treatment. After the treatment your hair will begin to “shed” within about 3 weeks, exfoliating or scrubbing gently in this phase is recommended to speed up this process. After shedding some of your hair will grow back, at which time you should come back for your next session. Patients should continue treatments until the remaining hairs do not reduce anymore, maximum effectiveness. Note that maximum effectiveness does vary by client based on skin type and other factors (see above).

Why does the price for laser hair removal differ so much between various providers?

The difference in price is mostly driven by the machines employed and the quality of the operator. Some laser hair machines look the same, but are essentially knock-off products that are cheap to buy and are not FDA approved or properly tested. Secondly many places employ inexperienced staff to operate the machinery. Qualified and experienced operators are not easy to find. Nude only offers the best!


Where is the best laser hair removal in Hong Kong?

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